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Excursions in Cuba, La Havana - Villa Havane

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We offer you several excursions from the Villa Havane.
Each tour will be fully personalised to fit your wishes.

Visit of La Habana
You can enjoy a morning, an afternoon or a full-day sightseeing tour to learn about the history of the city with a local Havana tour guide.
According to historians, Conquistador Diego Velásquez wrote in his report to the King of Spain that « Habaguanex » was the name of  the local Taíno chief that ruled the region at the arrival of the Spanish conquerors to Cuba. The origin of the name « Habana » could be based upon him.
The city of Havana offers a lot of fascinating monuments and sights such as Old Havana, Plaza Vieja, Plaza de la catedral, el Malecón, el Moro, la Plaza de armas, el Capitolio, la Plaza de la revolución, el Vedado, el Museo del ron Havana Club, Miramar.

Meet with a cigar roller
Horse ride by the tobacco plantation. Learn how to make a true cigar in a tobacco plantation, hand in hand with a specialist : « el torcedor ».

Beach day

Enjoy an unforgettable day at the beach with a lunch made of a delicious grilled lobster at the very seashore. You can also enjoy a snorkeling dive.

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